Appeal That Wasn’t

4:21:14 LWNorth Carolina Lawyers Weekly published a correction regretting its errors in coverage of one of my appeals—an appeal which never existed.

In January 2014, the Paper mistakenly reported that I was personally held in contempt and was appealing that order.

In April of this year, the Paper conducted additional independent investigation, and found that there was no such order in the first place.

On April 21, 2014, Lawyers Weekly corrected its earlier publications, wanting its readers to know:

Attorney Aylward was not fined $4,600 (North Carolina Lawyers Weekly regrets the error)

Attorney Aylward did not insult the opposing counsel (North Carolina Lawyers Weekly regrets the error)

Attorney Aylward is not responsible for the misspelling the paper had pinned on her (North Carolina Lawyers Weekly regrets the error)

I am particularly irritated about the misspelling that wasn’t. The Paper framed me for the misspelling twice in six months before checking its facts, concluding it was wrong and “regretting.”

Now it is clear that I never insulted the opposing counsel, was not personally held in contempt, was never personally fined $4,600, did not misspell, and was not appealing the contempt that wasn’t. There is only one mystery that still remains: what was the Paper’s source for all these errors? My guess is as good as yours.

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